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Our experts are responsible of machine construction, production management, electrotechnical construction, information technology and product development.

Our customers with their knowledge and experience of the transport industry and the vehicle inspections make the most important product development base to build on.

In our production the ability and the excellence of our local subconstructors are combined in the way of high quality products for customer satisfaction. We are eager to serve the customers within transport industry or inspection branches.

Test systems

Dymatic brake testing system is a complete examination system for brake effects, pressure examination, delay measurement, retardation and brake adjustment test for vehicle combinations.

Dymatic 100PCW brake testing system is commonly used in Finland.

The new generation of testing system software in Dymatic 200PCW provides a full 32-bit system program in Windows.

Dymatic 200PCW testing system can be equipped with wireless local area network, W-LAN, for database handling for vehicle and examination information.

In Dymatic test process the examinations of actual brake pressures, functional brake delays and ALB-tests are captured with wireless radio pressure transducers.

Brake forces are measured with a roller brake tester, and retardation can be calculated by different methods automatically in the system software.

Roller Brake Testers

Dymac D160

Dymac D160 roller brake tester is constructed for axel weights up to 16 tons. The tester can manage vehicles loaded upp to 30 tons driving over.

Instead the standard display all the testers can be equipped with digital display units for indicating of testing processes.

Dymac Liftmatic 160

The transportable roller brake testers Dymac Liftmatic 160 is suitable for inspections on roads as well as for temporary field repair shops.

Pressure transmitters

With the Dymatic 200PCW brake testing system we use Mesra radio pressure unit to examine the actual brake pressures when testing the vehicles. Measuring accuracy of the pressure sensor is revised annually with a special fine turning device.

The fine turning device is revised and verified once a year for preserving the measurement quality.

Radio pressure sensors are delivered with a charging unit for reloading the sensors. Radio pressure sensors and wire pressure sensors can be used for measuring the articulated vehicle.

The brake testing system Dymatic 200PCW can measure 12 axels at the same time. Simultaneous transmission is used when the brake pressure delay and ALB are being tested.

The delay test of brake effects indicates if the brakes work properly after the driver has stamped on the brake pedal and how long time the brakes work after the pedal is released.

MRS 433 radiotransmitter
MRS 433 radio pressure sensors
MRS 433 charging unit
MRS 433 wired pressure sensors

Load simulators

Dymac K60 is an air pressure driven load simulator for almost all roller brake testers recently available. The simulator is installed in the free space between the roller parts of the tester.

The control of the load simulator is taken over by remote controller or by the computer via wireless local area network. The wireless local network is provided with the Dymatic W-LAN accessory.

The air pressure driven Dymac K60 generates a force of 60 kN between the roller and the vehicle axel. The hydraulic Dymac H80 is constructed for a Dymac brake roller tester mounted on both sides of a service shaft. Depending of chosen hydraulic elements the load simulator can easily achieve a load force up to 80 kN.


We have patented a Dymac MC test accessory for different kinds of roller brake testers for testing motorcycles. Dymac MC is meant to continue the roller brake testers utilization time without too early reinvestment.

Dymac display terminal

Dymac display terminal accomplishes the Dymatic 200PCW Brake Testing System. With display terminal digital panel the brake testing process can be indicated for the operator during the test.

Dymac MC
Roller heating accessories
Dymac display terminal
Dymatic 200PCW W-LAN

Lahti Precision Scales

Dymatronic Oy is the exclusive seller of Lahti Precision Oy in the area of Nordic countries. Lahti Precision Scales are consructed and manufactured for axel weights of 16 tons.

Lahti Precision V300L is a large plane scale for weighing triple axels. The whole axel can be weighed at one time. Lahti Precision 300S is a single plane scale, axel weight scale of 1000 x 3000 mm for adjustment test and registration weighing. Lahti Precision scale terminal WB-900 is included in the standard delivery.

Via the scale terminal the weighing system can be directly connected to Dymatic 100PCW and 200PCW brake test systems. Lahti Precision 300T is a twin plane scale for mountings in both sides of the service shaft.

Lahti Precision V300S
Lahti Precision V300T
Lahti Precision V300L